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Rosie Val

Rosie Val SwingtetRosie Val

The Rosie Val Swingtet is a splinter group from the Cambridge Jazz Co. consisting of guitar, bass, drums, trumpet, clarinet/saxaphone; led and managed by Rosie Val (vocals).Val acquired the nickname "Rosie", in Holland, where on numerous occasions she was presented with a single red rose at the end of a song. She was so touched by this gesture that she took to wearing a rose on every performance. From then on Val was called "Rosie" by the band.

As the name of the group implies, swing is the style, hot jazz in the more mainstream idiom, incorporating jazz standards and songs of the 1940s plus.

Rosie Val

Rosie Val's first performance was being asked to sing one line at the end of a recording for Munich Records, Holland (A Porter's Love Song to a Chambermaid. PLJ 004) and three days later had to repeat it on a live broadcast for Radio Hilversum.

That was just the beginning; Rosie Val has taken her Swingtet to many renowned venues eg, The 100 Club, Oxford Street, London; The Hurlingham Club, London etc. She has also appeared on the Max Collie Mardis Gras Show, and the John Petters Boogie Woogie Show.

Rosie Val's latest recording is now available on cd and features Rosie Val and The Cambridge Jazz Co.

Apart from Jazz Clubs, Parties, Weddings, RAF Officer's Mess functions, Army Barracks, Summer Balls, etc, the group has been successfully engaged for promotions by the following companies:

Mercedes; Pimms; Southern Comfort; Perrier; Honda; Labatts; Tesco; Chilli's Grill & Restaurant; Somerfield; Marks & Spencer; Debenhams; Blockbusters.

RosieValHigh Society Functions, Summer Balls, Dinner Dances, Special Events at the following hotels and venues:

Claridges; The Garden House Hotel, Cambridge; The Science Museum, London; The Natural History Museum, London; The Savoy Hotel, London; The London Hilton; Forte Crest Hotels; Heritage Hotels, Marriot Hotels

To Sum Up:

** Professional **

** Talent **

** Presentation **

** Enthusiasm **